It is no secret that the easiest way to get higher rankings on search engines is by content marketing on your website or social media. But creating fresh content consistently isn’t an easy job. You’d know if you have ever tried. But today that changes. Content Ninja is Software that Converts any YouTube Video Into a Fully Formatted Blog Post In 60 Seconds. It is the kind of automation that you need for your websites so you can stop wasting countless amount of hours on writing articles for your blogs and instead focus on more money-making tasks. Let the machines do what they’re good at! Creating high-quality unique content that was too time-consuming for you to do on your own. When you stop wasting time on that – you will be able to 10X your business.

About Content Ninja


Content Ninja is software that will help you convert YouTube Videos into Blog content. Our parent company is Digital Papercuts.

Digital Papercuts is an international digital marketing agency that helps online and local businesses address the challenges they face in getting new business. 

Our foundational marketing products allow businesses to build a stronger digital presence, grow a stronger brand and connect with more customers.

Digital Papercuts discovered the Content Ninja and loved it so much that it was purchased and then set up as a separate entity. 

.Hi! This is Ron Kloth, CEO of Digital Papercuts and Content Ninja.  When we started using this software we couldn’t believe not only the time savings it gave us but also the quality of the content was unbelievable.  

We hope you enjoy this software. If you have any suggestions for improvement please let us know. 

Derek CAmanda C


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