GROOVEFUNNELS TUTORIAL⭐How to make money online fast with GrooveFunnels⭐

GROOVEFUNNELS TUTORIAL⭐How to make money online fast with GrooveFunnels⭐

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How to make money with GrooveFunnels and affiliate marketing.

Guys today, I will show youexactly what you need to do to start makingmoney with Groov funnels affiliate programhow to build your first funnel inside of groovefunnels and even how you can create a blog inside of groovefunnels and not even having the possibility to create a blog so, it’s all free, you will have access to all. These features for free. So, let’s dive in okay, what you are watching at now is, the post actually or a page which I created inside of groovefunnels and groove pages. Actually, as you can, see Groove funnel, how to make money online visit with investment grouvefunnels.

So this is this looks like a regular blog, see, take a look they all I actually all I did. I simply took the link from one of the posts from my wordpress blog see, and i addedn ew page inside of groovefunnels and groovefunnels copied everything, including the banners including, this layout and everything. So let me show you how it looks like inside of groovefunnels So first of all, groovefunnels at the moment allows you to do a lot of stuff, and today I will show you how I create pages, how I create funneland, how I use even groove mail, okay, so stick with me until the end of this video and again if you want to join my groove funnels team simply click, the button click the link which you will find down below this video and join this program and after that get in touch with me, and i will actually give you a couple of lessons how you can start faster you’ll you’ll, get actually a couple of hours of personal coaching from me as a bonus okay, so now, let’s take a look at groovepages. How it looks like right now so for free you can create three websites guys this is more than enough and I will show you why so for example

this domain, which you will see right now, I just purchased this domain on a namecheap like for two bucks and, as you can see right now, this domain is connected, to the GrooveFunnels and to the page of the grouvefunnels. Okay and the same page, this is the firstpage of the funnel. So let me show you how it works so, when i click here see this – is the website formwhich a pop-up form which actually alsocreated by group funnels, and this formconnects me immediately to groov mail. Okay, so when people subscribe here. Okay, they go to groov mail automated, seek sequence of letters at the momenti, have two letters: okay, but see the uh, it’s all connected, it’s all inside and it’s all for free you.

Don’t need to pay anything for this and later in this video. I will show you how you can promote Groovefunnels for free as well, so this is a real opportunity real life opportunity to pro to startsomething big for you, because actually groovefunnels has an affiliate program and even as a free member of groovefunnels, you make 20 percent recurring commissions, okay – and this is how you – create your new passive income stream. So let’s, take a look actually how it works so again. What i did i just created this – i don’t know i already haveall the emails. Let’s try.

I don’t know, let’s try this one again, so when. Somebody subscribes: okay, they will be immediately redirected to this page, see how to make money online without investment. And this is actually what i’m showing you right now. So on this page they have possibility to click this, for example, promote uh post your ad for free, okay, let’s open thisand, as you can see, they can promote their businessfor free using free edm free as websiteokay.

I also promote some some other stuff likeclick funnels. I promote my personal trafficsource, my personal traffic agency, solid agency gina solids, so uh and again i do this for freeand. As you can see, I already created the funnel and I already have those people who connected uhto the funnel using the web form. Okay, and they are getting emails guys.

This is all for free, okay. So now let me show you uh some actually insights. Okay, let’s go inside how it looks like inside. So as you can see, this is the first page okay and. I can do a lot of interesting thing.

Here so, for example, I can work with background actually. I don’t really not really satisfied with this background. Maybe I want to make it brighter or vice versa. Let’s do it like save. I can do anything here I can add buttoni.

Can I can work with the color of the button see? I use pop-up from the software i can create different backgrounds, so for example, I don’t like this one let it be on this like this. Okay, this okay, I can make it bigger, see layout, spacing anything you can do anything. You want. Okay, let me work with this like this probably, save.

Okay and publish so guys this is the first page, okay, okay let’s again check that the page is workingclick to learn how everythingis working okay fine. Now let me show you second page of the funnel second page of the funnel is how to make money online with without without investment, see again I just click. And here again I can do anything here like in usual in usual, wordpress for example, but the beauty of this actually software and that everything works much faster. The speed of loading is much higher compared to click funnels. Okay, now, as you can see, I can change the everything herefor ceo.

I can add meta keywords: i can add meta description. I can change font and i can change the page url. Okay, i will not do it because again it’s already live and. Actually i can add banners and everything okay. So now, let’s go back to pages.

Butlet me show you one thing so, for example, I want to create another article. All I needto do another article or a page. All I need to do is just i just need to click and clone this, and there will be a copy. There will be a copy of the same page so like, for example, I did with profit mid, so I just copied the page, but there is a different information on this page and the the beauty again of this software, that even with free package you you can have as many pages as you want so, for example.

This is my profit meat review which. I did yesterday for the new product andt ake a look again. It looks like a blog but again take a look, profitme review and bonus blah, blah blah and so on and guys it’s working see.

So let’s come back to our, uh idea. Okay, how you can actually start making money with affiliate marketing and groovefunnels so, for example, you can use this scene. Uh just to make money with affiliate program, okay first of all uh, in the description to this video. I will give you access to this article just follow the steps.

Okay and you willyou will see how it’s uh, what’s better Groovefunnels or click funnels you’ll get access to this video how to make money online without investment where I also explain how it all works, okay and below also, I show you how to promote GrooveFunnels for free using facebook. Let’s actually take a look at this right now, so how I promote Groovefunnels using facebook again for free so. First of all, i created the banner okay. I graded the bundle best way to make moneyonline up update cover for the c, so now I also created actually the uh somelinks.

Here so learn the best way: to start making money online, without an investment again see Groovefunnels
and again they will be redirectedto the opt-in page and as soon as they click okay then they subscribe. They will be redirected to this article, how to make money online, with Groovefunnels and again they will see my banners on the right side. Okay, here and then, when they join and upgrade I make even as a free member, I make 20 recurring commissions from Groovefunnels, if you want to upgrade to pro you will, make 40 % commissions okay. So this is how our funnel work, but how we? How do we promote this okay now the fastest way?

Again, you can use uh, fred’sface, freeze master, all you need to do is just again copy. This link copy, this link, go put it here okay and simply choose category business business opportunities, for example, and create title and everything. But again, don’t forget: that you need to go down down down down. Down and use this um capture code to submit your adthis is absolutely free and hundreds of people per day will see your new free adc shown 121239 times. Okay, so this site works actually nowlet’s come back.

How to promote this again you can do you can create the post like thiss ee. I love this new business opportunity, itlooks very promising watch the video below okaynow share this share in different groups. Like I, don’t know affiliate marketing, worldwide affiliate marketing get free access to 20 percent; okay. So, for example, get for access to this program to free access to program that base 20 recurring commissions. Okay, let’s take a look how, we do it.

We click post. Okay, now it’s posted, and this is how you promote it. I love the software join free today. Okay, now another thing: how I actually do it and how I recommend to do it: you can actually create a business page for this okay the better way to build funnel scene this is a page and again all you need to do just from time to time. Uh invite people to your newpage and again take a look, engagement, jesus christtake, a look again.

What we can do sharing group. Let’s try to find another one: okay, affiliate marketing secrets: private group, public grooveaffiliate marketing, work worldwide okay. This is what we need actually, but again, in this case, we are posting from our facebook page this. This has more power actually because. When they see they will be able to like, the page, see and they’ll be able to goto the page like this.

They will click and we’ll go to the page and we’ll see the posts. Okay and all youneed to do is just post from time to timeand. Also, let’s test the button and the button leads to The button leads to our first page, and this is how we collect newemails, and this is how it all works for freelet’s share it with another group. Let’s say someone, you know some groups about how to make money online, make money: okay, make money, online, usa.

Uk, that’s great! That’s great! I love this business now, let’s take a look. Okay, again, it’s posted. It’s posted, see, people will start seeing it thebetter way to build funnels free for life.

40 Affiliates get started, they will go, where they will go to my page okay. Now all you need to do is. Do it let’s say three five times in the morning and the same at evening make my online group water, okay, two two two, two, this one is good and this one is good also, so people will start coming to your profile or to your actually business page, and will they will start actually clicking because everybody likes this, everybody wants somethingfree and would like to make some commissions okay, see exactly. This is exactly how it all works okay again feel free to use your actually profileas. Well, so you need to do is just invitei nvite people from actually different groups like, for example.

This can be click funnels for, for example, click, funnels avengers okay. We just invite all the people who we like to invite okay just find the post with good engagement for example. This is not big enough with many likes. Okay, 32. Okay, let’s take a look at this andall.

You need to do just send those people who you like actually a friend request, and you know what jesus they will come and see your facebook profile and on your facebook pro profile on your facebook profile. They will see whatthis business opportunity which you areoffering right. Now again, i don’t invite everybody. I just watch. I just invite people that already have at least some knowledge sothey can at least create.

I don’t know their facebook cover properly, okay guys, this is all you do, and there are a lot of groups like this. Okay later you can send messages to those guys. Okay, did you see my my uh last businessopportunity? You can join free and it pays a 20% commission, blah, blah blah and so on, okay, etc, and immediately you will see that they will start accepting your friend requests immediately. Take a look accepted your friend requests okayso.

My next step is simply send a message. So this is how facebook actually works on youworks for you. This is why i love to use facebookokay now here again, what we’ve done. What what we already have all you need to do is join clickfunnels join Groovefunnels, it’s free, okay, join Groovefunnels! It’s free, you’ll get your link down in the description again, I use my link, to join Groovefunnels and come back to me tell me uh gina. I in your groovefunnels team, let’s talk uh, help me to start and so on. Okay now watch this videos. Another thing how you can actually speed up the process which i wanted toshow you is that you can use actually paidtraffic. You can use page traffic to promote your new business opportunity again we alreadyhave the funnel okay this.

This is our funnel it’s free to create this funnel okay. So we have the funnel next. We need, for example, uh big uh traffic. Okay, we want to buy traffic, so you go toudemy again find find the link in description andyou, simply post. This promote this on udemy okay.

So, for example, if i would go to udemy this, is how I would do it. Let me show you immediately so now i would click find sellers I would actually find sellers who have at least 30 percent uh rate for guard sales. I know most of them. Actually, this guy is good or olde than me is really good good traffic and not very good not – that big price okay.

So, for example, I want to buy traffic from audi okay. This is what I do. This is what I do. I just click this okay I go back uh. Where is this vice lads?

I click here and I don’t even need to post anything he will he will create. I mean he will create these uh swipe for me, okay, I simply create uh put this link. I add this to cart. Okay, i pay him 50 bucks and I will get at least 110 clicks and probably at least I will get probably at least 30 even 40, maybe 50 new people uh, who will subscribe using this actually and who will subscribe, using this funnel subscribe and i will see them.

Here inside of the groovemail, like here main, follow up and I will see them inside of my leads okay. This is the list which we use okay and. These are the leads inside of this list. Okay, so again, I’m just testing this new um autoresponder, so there are not that many of them but the idea you should understand. Okay, you have everything! You need for free, you have uh just, you just need to use this affiliate. Program join grow funnels, get your affiliate link okay.

By the way. Let me show you how to do it. So you just go to your Groovefunnels and click exit. You click group affiliate program, as you can see, earn 40% return and residual income for life. Jesus and again you go to your links and you can you even have these swipes, so let me show you how how i would do it with swipes? Okay, let me show you so, for example, i want to promote it using my list. Let me show you how how. I would do it again, so this is what I would do so, for example, i’m going to just this is in case, if you – and this is in case – if you already – let’s say, have your umlist at least some somebody inside of yourlist okay.

So, let’s, let’s work with this: let’s work with this a bit closer okay. So this is what they offer. You won’t believe, this free offerokay, we will use it. We will use ityou, won’t believe this free offer, oops okay, go further and again thisis what they offer us. Okay, and as you can see, they even give you immediatelyyour affiliate link, which is actuallyalready here, see.

So what what I need to do, I would do it like this. No need guys, no need to reinvent the wheel. Okay, just use it just use what they give you and you will be fine okay. Now this is my link scene. I copy it idle, it click to see it in action, and I simply post it now.

We deleted everything. However, you know what oh i will connect this with my article: how to makemoney with this strategy. Okay, how cool is that? Okay, in this case, we don’tneed it, we don’t need the sizer and we don’t need this. Okay, now again guys the copywriter created this stuff.

So you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Okay, they paid some some guy 500 bucks to create this email. You know no need to reinvent the wheel. Okay, so we have our article we click, save save and exits. This is the article.

Let’s check it. Yeah everything is fine. Okay. Now I can actually schedule it. Let’S say: 8 am saturday apply, and this is done.

Okay, guys, this is in case. If you already have, let’s say your list so see they offer you promo tools, promotional tools, okay, now let me check, show you how you can get? Actually, your link affiliate link so againas soon, as you register, your free account okay you go here. You grab your link and you start promoting it this. Is it guys?

This is why I’m so excited sharing this with you because again it works it works and we are at the very beginningof this movement. So if you start promoting it right now today, in 20 30 days, you will already have, like I don’t know – maybe 500 bucks per month recurring, maybe thousand bucks per month – recurring promote it every single day, like i showed you just, follow the steps. You’ll be fine guys! If this is your first time on my channel, please don’t forget, to subscribe. Give me some comments, likes and here again welcome to my uh team and also you can find me on facebook, and you can join my group, which iscalled clickfunnels, mastery and soloads inside of this group.

I actually offer a lot of different information about how to make money online how to do automations. I actually create a lot of videoshow to promote for free, welcome and so on. So guysi hope it helps. It helps, and I will see you later.

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