The SEO Content Template

The SEO Content Template

This post was created with Content Ninja. The search term was ‘How to write SEO friendly content’ with a creative commons license. The only edits were for punctuation and paragraph spacing which took me about 30 seconds to do. The search and download took less than a minute, so in no time at all I created a blog article. Try doing that on your own. In other videos, we will spin the content to make it even more unique. I have included the original video so you can see how accurate Content Ninja is. If I were actually going to use it as content on a blog website I would have added images of the SEMrush dashboard as she used but the intent of this post is just to show you what Content Ninja is capable of in converting a YouTube video to a blog.

Today we’re going to look at how to find out how much content you have to write to rank for a given keyword phrase? Yes, there is a tool that will tell us exactly the amount you need to write to rank top 10. So, if I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a thousand times. How much do I have to write to rank for that keyword? I hear all the time. And historically, you would have to guess.

Well, I’ll do 300 minimum is which we used to tell clients. But what if the top 10, all are at 10 thousand? You gave it a good step but you’re way out of your league in regard to how much content you created. There is a fantastic tool that I’m so geeking out over right now that’s in

Now, I have an account. I have their guru account. It’s $99 a month. You can sign up for a 7-day full trial. You just have to give them the credit card and they won’t charge you for 7 days and you can use the tool all you like. But I’m going to go ahead and log into my account. And I think you’ll see why I pay for this tool.

This one tool is compelling enough to pay $99 a month. Depending upon how much content you’re creating. Okay, so when you come into SEMrush. You’ll see my dashboard right here. You’re going to scroll down to SEO content template.

So, what we’re going to do is now I’m going to whatever keyword that I want to rank for, I’m going to put SEO coaching.

Now, I’m like how much do I have to write for that? Is it 10 thousand, is it 20? I don’t exactly know. We go in here. What this tool does is it goes to the top 10 sites that currently rank for SEO training or SEO coaching, I should say and calculates a formula by which I’m going to write my page to. I just need to know why those top 10 are the top 10. What are they doing and what can I do to make myself look just like those top 10? I don’t want to study the Google algorithm. I don’t have time for that.

I just want to look like the cool kids. I know establish to eat. I know where to sit in the lunchroom, I know how to wear my hair. I have a gorgeous glamour shot I should probably pop in here now that shows my 80s hairdo, it’s really nice.

Anyway, I was not a cool kid. I was a choir geek. So, never knew what that was. However, when you’re going after ranking for a keyword, you got to look like a cool kid. You got to look like the top 10.

So, check this out. So, here’s the report. Here’s the top 10 sites that currently rank for that phrase. Here are all the keywords that currently are in play amongst those top 10. What are they all have in common?

What are they talking about that’s the same across those top 10? I’m going to talk about those things. Then you come down here and I have to write 624 words exactly. So, 624 is the magic number because that’s the average across the top ten right now.

So, if I wrote less than that, uh-huh. If I wrote more than that, uh-uh. I have to hit it right at 624 and I have to reference SEO training, digital marketing, SEO campaigns. You’ll see I have a whole list I just have ticked each one of those off as I’m writing. So, what happens is you launch this page, you’ve instantly look like a cool kid. Because you knew how to optimize that page, you do what to talk about on that page. And you knew exactly how much content to write for it. And this has been a massive game-changer. When you were thinking about how much time do I have to put into writing a piece of copy? Is it 10,000? Is it 100 thousand? You just don’t know. This stops the guesswork and you’re able to actually go in and know the exact amount of copy that you need to write to rank for that phrase.

Now, I’ve got a bonus tip. SEMrush has a tool that works with Google Docs. Now, I know a lot of people aren’t crazy about Google Docs but this might be a reason to get crazy for it.

So, you go to Okay. when you come in here make sure you’re logged in to your SEMrush account. And we’re going to go in here and we’re going to create a new… I’m going to start writing this amazing piece of copy based on these rules that have now been given to me. Now, inside of Google Docs, there’s something called add-ons right here.

And SEMrush has a custom add-on called the SEMrush SEO writing assistance. So, we’re going to turn that on. Now, here’s the cool thing. It takes that template I just generated. And it’s going to grab it. And so as I’m writing my content, its grading me on the side.

Its grading me to make sure I hit all those topics. So, you’ll see right here SEO coaching is right there. I need to be able to write 818 words and it’s also giving me all the recommendations for what I have to write about. All those little nuances. And so as I write, it’s going to start grading my work. And as I use those keywords, those keywords are going to turn green. So, there is no reason for you not to be able to hit that mark when you use the SEO writing assistant for Google Docs, it’s an add-on. You don’t have to do that or you can just write it and then just pop it in here and see how it measures up. But, if we get the cheat sheet on how to rank, we’re going to use it and that’s the SEO content template in

Live it, learn it, love it. Because it is a game-changer for how to actually rank for one piece of content. Is your mind blown now? Did you think there was actually a tool that will tell you exactly how many words to write to rank? It is amazing.

And SEMrush is one of my favorite tools. I’m going to continue to create individualized content for all the different nuances and secrets that live inside SEMrush. Thanks for watching. Subscribe to our channel or visit us on our website at findability. com.


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