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Okay, welcome to Episode 2 of “Hello, Europe!” where we’re now in Berlin. Welcome to Episode 2 of “Hello, Europe!”, this time from Berlin. Thanks to everyone who watched the first episode of “Hello, Europe!

” – ‘Beer in Paris’ We got some great feedback We’ve tried to integrate those feedback here One thing I did fail to mention the last time is that we have subtitles Mostly this show is going to be in English but there might be parts in German You can click on the CC button down there to get subtitles The theme for this episode is “What makes Berlin special?” Or, “Was macht Berlin besonders?” Ok, hello! Where are you guys from? I’m from Munich.

And you? Frankfurt originally. I live in Munich. Ok and since when have you been in Berlin? Since almost a year and a half And he’s visiting – And I’m visiting.

– Since Berlin’s so great, he always comes here. Ok, then the question is then quite simply: what makes Berlin special? Yeah, it’s so diverse here You have so many different neighborhoods It’s so international, so many nice stores and restaurants Lots of good food Better than in Munich then? – Yeah! There isn’t as much in Munich.

– And more diverse too. There’s good value for money. Yeah, true. Yeah, Munich’s a bit more expensive than..

. More expensive, yeah. Lot more expensive. You don’t get as much food. You only get smaller portions.

I’ve noticed that beer is not as good as in Munich, right? Beer’s better in Munich, yeah. It’s different beer.

In Munich, you have “helle” (pale lager) – Right. – .

.. and that’s a different type. ..

. and here, you drink Pils. (Pilsener) So where are you from? From Munich. Oh from Münich!

The second one today. And what are you doing today in Berlin?

We’re here for a long weekend. I got here on Wednesday..

. for work to attend a conference, actually. So we thought we’d stay on for a long weekend. And go around the city a little bit. Okay cool.

So it’s not your first time here? You’ve already been in Berlin (previously)? Yeah, I used to work here. – Ah okay. – Three years ago.

So I know… – So you know (the city) well. I already know quite a few people well.

And I also fell in love with the city. And what do you not like about Berlin? – What I don’t like? – Yeah! Hmm, what don’t I like.


It’s a bit hard to say, since I fell in love here There isn’t actually a whole lot that I don’t like…

… uh, what don’t I like..

. I don’t like that some people… some Berliners actually they say, “Oh, we shouldn’t bring too many people here Ah okay.

… because then we’d somehow lose some of that Berlin-spirit. Like, all the tourists and foreigners are coming to Berlin and destroy the Berlin they love so much.

Ah, okay. Which I don’t really believe.

I actually think that people from other countries and cultures …

still come and maintain this diversity. Right, and this is quite an international city, isn’t it? Right, thank you! This was very nice! And have a good evening.

You’re welcome! (Gladly!) I’m outside Pappelreihe Café where we’re going to meet with Jacob Erik We’re in Neukölln and it’s so cold! You can see behind me that it’s getting foggy already But we’re going to go inside and talk to Jacob in the warmth of this beautiful café Where are we right now? Which part of Berlin are we in right now?

So right now we’re in Neukölln … an old, Western part of Berlin. Now, it’s been gentrified.

Of course, like any other part. Like most of Berlin, to be honest! Exactly, yeah! So… Neukölln is really popular … and has been for, I don’t know, 5 years, 6, 7 years, Of course, a lot of young people have moved here it’s really international There’s a new bar, a new restaurant, new café opening around this area every month. And what do you like the most about Berlin? – Me!

– … my girlfriend. – He likes me!

Yeah, that’s the correct answer, I think. No, so… it’s bigger than Munich, for example and you have so many things to discover It’s never boring.

(in French) Why did you not go to a different city? Why Berlin? Because there’s a lot of young people in Berlin and it’s a very a vibrant city. The whole world meets here All the young people are coming to Berlin And the city is not yet so..

. developed, as other cities and it’s still developing quite a lot. So, “developed” in… from maybe a commercial standpoint? Yeah, in many areas commercial, the bar scene, the club scene in the housing scene. It’s all not yet so…

Established So let’s start from, actually… so your full name is Jacob Erik. No. No. What’s your full name? My full name is Jacob Eriksen. Sometimes… our viewers should know that Facebook names are not completely accurate. So, Jacob Eriksen. You’re from? Originally, I’m from Denmark. Okay. Copenhagen or? Yeah I was born in Copenhagen but I grew up in the countryside. Ah. Yeah.

Ah the Scandinavian countryside, we just have all these images… So have long have you been in Berlin? (as a baby squeals in the background) Okay so I’ve lived here for now 4 years.

In my Bachelor’s, I studied musicology so that’s more about music and scores and all like that. So, what I wanted to do… I wanted to study the sound of music, or the sound of culture or.

.. the sound of everyday… experimental music or… like, where we work with sound and not scores or instruments So was your choice to come to Berlin also related to that is that something that exists more in Berlin than in Copenhagen? Yeah, definitely.

So I did some research and found a lot of universities universities around Europe and the states then I chose Berlin because it was the best study. So what do you like the most about Berlin? If you had to pick, like, one thing.

I think it’s, the best thing is that you can just be who you are you don’t have to wear a certain type of clothes and you don’t have to act a certain way because in Munich it’s… everyone has to be like, the stereotype. Ok, what is the stereotype? Very pretty and skinny, with lots of brands and bags Ok yeah, someone told us that people don’t care about money in Berlin Do you think that’s true? I think they don’t.


No, that’s not true. There’s a lot of business here and..

. all the startup companies are here. Oh yeah… Soundcloud, I think? Yeah, it’s a trend. Berlin can be a pretty tough city as well, like…

In what way? It’s not that glamorous here It can be pretty hard like… there can be some pretty heavy clouds like, weather-wise but also mentally hanging over the city.

So you feel it? Definitely, yeah. Yeah. What do you not like about Berlin? It’s so cold.

Oh that is (true)… yeah, we’ve been out here for a while and we’re freezing! You’re not wearing any gloves.

Yeah see, I didn’t know it was gonna be this cold even though I should have. I was like, “Yeah… it’s gonna be fine” Ah yeah!

It’s so far away from the mountains. Yes, this is true. You can’t really go hiking around…’Cause if you’re here, you’re just here… You’re nowhere, you’re not at the seaside..

. So why… why did you choose to come here then?

(I) study here. Oh in Freie Universität or? No, Charité. Okay. Yeah, for medicine. The Berliners, they’re well-known for being grumpy Okay but the Berliners, they’re grumpy and they’re impolite – Really? – Yeah. Maybe… like, that would be maybe the the Ur-Berliners, so the people who’ve been living here for many years But you can really feel it when you’re in the U-Bahn (metro) traveling around the city and… You see these sad faces Between a lot tourists being drunk and going out to parties so so it’s a weird mix of happiness and excitement and and sadness and… … Weltschmerz So, Weltschmerz yeah So which, sort of, is like a world pain? Yeah, yeah..

. world… It’s like, wordly pain .. or something like that. (Note: “romantic pessimism” maybe) Yeah, exactly. Heutige Frage ist, was macht Berlin besonders fur dich?

So for me, what makes Berlin special is simply the diversity Compared to Munich…

Munich is definitely quite small, Berlin is very big Right. And you have restaurants, bars, clubs. .. So much of everything. And so much diversity in the city, in different areas, neighborhoods and that’s just so interesting you can always discover something new Some places close, others open up but it’s always changing. So you’re from Cologne, right?

Yeah, I’m from Cologne. So yeah, since when are you in Berlin? We’re here since Thursday to discover the city. Ok, this is the first time or? No, I’ve already been a few times previously but.. but every time it’s new, exciting and pleasant when you can always discover something else.

Ok, so you like Berlin then eh? Yeah, I find Berlin to be very diverse and it’s got a lot to offer in terms of culture, food, .. interesting people, street food festivals But also in Cologne no? ..

. the Cologne festival… carnival! (Kölner Karneval) Yeah… Cologne is well known for the carnival There are definitely connections between Cologne and Berlin In term of the spirit There’s..

. yeah, you can indeed compare the two.

What motivates Berlin then? What makes this world run? It’s just a very, very vibrant city and it’s easy to come here to have a new project Like, you have a start-up, then you go to Berlin You still have quite an easy Living or lifestyle. You have… It’s more… it’s cheaper than Paris, for example. Exactly, yeah! Low costs… Rent and.

.. food is also still cheap So you can really start your start-up here! So that is really, really cool and really inspiring What makes Berlin special compared to Cologne? Exactly.

Huge multiculturalism. Ok, and Cologne has a university with students, right? (=is a university town?) Exactly, Cologne has a university and 18 other high schools But the university’s the biggest school Ok, and and you’re staying in Berlin until when? We’re flying back tomorrow.

Ah ok, bon voyage then! – Thank you. – And thank you! – You’re welcome! Have fun!

I feel like since the fall of the Berlin wall people have always been saying well, Berlin’s not the same anymore, y’know? and I have a friend who lives in Leipzig some people even call it (the) Hypzig because it was so hyped up to be the next Berlin, right? And so people have been lamenting for ages, okay like…

Is Berlin dying? Is it not the same anymore? Uh…your take? It’s funny… They are always talking about what will the next Berlin be – Yes – Yeah. And I think Berlin will stay Berlin because it’s been ever-evolving So times when Iggy Pop and David Bowie and Brian Eno lived here they lived in Schöneberg and that’s a really, like… that’s an area for old people now. So you’re saying, for example, like… today Prenzlauer Berg is strollers lots of strollers and newly married, uh… you know… young couples Yeah. You’re saying maybe… Berlin will remain Berlin in its totality but maybe Prenzlauer Berg will then eventually be a more… you know, an older place. Exactly, yeah. And that’s the dynamics of Berlin so I think it’ll just stay like that. (in French) Is there something that you don’t like .. don’t like about Berlin? Yes! Oh, yeah I imagine! Actually, this city is too big.

One thing I really love about Berlin is it’s so political Yes! So most people are really open for… or a lot of people are really open for migrants, from Syria… “Refugees welcome.” You see that a lot here.

All over the place. And then there’s also this right-wing part of the people hating tourism and voting for Alternative für Deutschland (extreme far-right, anti-immigration party) The AfD…

but I didn’t know they were so present, I mean… that that was present in Berlin at all! As well, yeah, it is… So yeah, thank you! And… And until next time! Gladly! (Thanks to Charlotte Kieffer for help with parts of the translation and for the French subtitles coming soon!).

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